Photo courtesy of ©  Clément Martz  all rights reserved

Photo courtesy of © Clément Martz all rights reserved


It all started when…

I dropped out of studying Criminology after my first year and stepped into Media Arts at the University of Plymouth. From day one I strode from project to project broadening my knowledge and ability. I spent my final year filming predominantly action sports and wound up with the Twofour prize for best Media Arts Video for my final project.

Following university I stepped into the world of surf photography and film, in an internship I spent two years traveling to various coastlines around the world, Morocco, Mexico, Norway and Canada. I slept little and lived behind a lens and learnt invaluable skills because of it.

More recently I took a leap into social issues, exploring communities around the Ukraine, documenting the refugee crisis in France and Greece as well as working on more commercial projects for organisations like the UK National Parks.